Our Policies

We understand some pets are very sensitive to certain grooming procedures such as nail trimming, cleaning the ears or relieving the anal sacs (glands). These are routine procedures normally performed for the well being of the pet, we will not perform any grooming procedure that will cause pain or discomfort to the pet.

Excessive dematting is a painful and causes extreme discomfort and sometimes suffering. But even more serious is the fact that air cannot circulate and can aggravate skin irritations and infections. Sometimes the pet is so badly matted that the hair must be completely clipped off, allowing new healthy hair to grow. Excessive matting can be avoided with regular brushing and grooming.We will be happy to show you some of the brushing techniques for mat prevention.

Occasionally, Grooming and bathing can expose a hidden medical problem or aggravate a current one. This can occur during or after grooming.

Your pet is very important to us. Because we care, we want to assure you that every effort will be made to make your pet’s visit to Doggie clip as pleasant as possible.

Although most pets are very well behaved, not all of them are “perfect angels”.  For the benefit of all involved, we will not be able to provide our services when we feel that the dog’s behavior is unsafe.

At Doggie clip safety is first, your pet’s and ours. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. Due to insurance and safety concerns we cannot accept breeds with strong tendencies toward aggression. Proof of a current rabies vaccine is required, as well as other revelant vaccination and medical details.

  • All aggressive dogs will be sent home and a handling fee will be charged.